To provide the best possible candidates for today's businesses, it is crucial we match more than just skills. ProFinders will conduct personal visits to our client's place of business to perform in-depth needs assessments. By understanding our client's businesses, the expectations of their employees, and the goals of the company, we can identify candidates whose skills, experience and career goals parallel the needs of the company. We also work with clients on assessing their existing workforce.

At ProFinders we work with potential candidates for your workplace by trying to understand more than just typical work history. We work with candidates to understand their strengths as well as their challenges. Our process works towards understanding the candidate's ideal working desires, including some of these:

  • The type of supervisor the candidate works best with.
  • How much direction and supervision does the candidate need?
  • Does the candidate work best in major corporate setting or smaller business environment?
  • Is the candidate more likely to succeed working independently or on a team?
  • Does the candidate work best in a fast paced, energetic environment or are they more comfortable with a deliberate and relaxed scene?
  • Is the candidate looking for "fast track", stability, succession, money, or a professional home?
  • What is the major position and company motivation?

You can Request A Consultation with ProFinders to discuss your business needs by Contacting Us at any time. We have numerous references to share with you, and we would truly love to earn your business.

Please allow us to share our company motto with you…

Do the right thing, because it's the right thing to do.